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Coach Resources

BYYA is happy to have volunteer coaches and are dedicated to making sure our players are instructed by coaches who are educated on recognizing unhealthy activity during sports acitivities.  Our goal to is to make sure our coaches educated on identifying items like concussions, dehydration, injuries, etc.  We also expect our coaches to follow a code of conduct in front of players, parents and officials that is representative of good sportsmanship and respect to their chosen sport(s).

Below are some links that are mandatory of ALL coaches that are interacting with players both at games at practices per the rules of Lafayette Parks & Recreation (LPRD).

Concussion Certification 

Required by BYYA & LPRD to help coaches identify the symptoms and proper response to a player that has had a concussion.

**must be done for each sport and turned into the appropriate BYYA Coordinator

ASEP Certification 

"Human Kinetics Coaching Essentials", required by BYYA & LPRD.  This Certification is good for three years


Required by BYYA & LPRD to be allowed to coach.

Pony Baseball Rule Book

Pony Softball Rule Book

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